“Every Adventure Requires a First Step.”

— Cheshire Cat

Adventure is what you make it – from your first steps, to your first steps in a foreign land.
A Girl Abroad tells the story of Caitlin’s adventures around the world.

Join along. Get inspired. Take your first step.

  • Bali Cooking Class
    Learning the Art of Indonesian Cuisine
  • How to Cross the Road in Vietnam
  • Hsi Paw Trek: An Alternative
  • Divemaster - the training to get there
  • Modern Dinosaurs - The Komodo Dragon
  • Unprepared - First Time Guiding a Dive
  • Packing List - Cycling Vietnam
  • Batu Bolong - The Jewel of Komodo
  • Divemaster - the "who", "when" and "where"
  • Road Rules of Vietnam - They Exist
  • Discovering a Manta
  • Do I even want to be a Divemaster?

Click on the dark orange countries to read about my adventures there.

Where I've Been

  • Cave
  • Rock-Climb
  • Cycle
  • Dive
  • Explore
  • Hike