Cycling Vietnam: Day Nineteen

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Total Distance to Date: 1,205.50km
Total Time to Date: 68 hours, 49 minutes

It was another one of those terrible Highway 1 rides today.

I’d debated about starting the day with a little detour out to the site of the My Lai massacre, but then figured it wasn’t really something I wanted to be confronted with on my own. Besides, I wasn’t really sure if creating some sort of tribute to that terrible piece of history was really the best way to remember those killed during the massacre anyway.

So I headed straight back out to the Highway, and that’s where I was the whole day.

On a positive note – I really aced it with speed today. Check it out.

The stats* from day 19:

Distance: 60.50km
Riding Time: 2 hours, 43 minutes
Average Speed: 22.1 km/h
Average Temperature: 29°C


I set my sights on Sa Huỳnh for today. Last night I looked into the place a little and saw that it had a small mention on Lonely Planet and had some reviews on Tripadvisor. Initially I’d been planning to cycle a little further, but I decided to stop early thinking if the town had a mention online, it must have something worth seeing…

As it turns out, I couldn’t find what warranted it’s small presence online.

I ventured out of town, towards the beach, and was generally quite taken aback with things. The poverty of the area seemed to be very high. While that made me feel pretty bad for the local people, even the beach couldn’t pick my spirits back up, given it was covered with rubbish and wasn’t even worth a relaxing sit in the sand.

It really just bought home a few things I’ve been feeling about my whole ride across this country.

After 1,200km now, I’m at the point where I’d like to finish things up and be done with it all.

I’m not going to though – I’ve come too far to give up now!

Besides, my reasoning behind it is more because of the separation I feel from everything in places like Sa Huỳnh. The divide between my life and the lives of the people here is so great, that I often have mixed feelings about these towns. The people are always lovely, but I can’t get comfortable when I’m walking around the place. With so many days on the road, I find I’m always looking forward to getting back to a place with a few more tourists – even if it’s just so I can have a conversation with someone again (my Vietnamese has gotten nowhere – it’s a tough language).

So right now, I’m looking forward to making it to Quy Nhon in a few days, where I plan to stop and have a quick rest (on a nice beach).

Following that, I don’t expect there will be too many long stints between my big stops until I make it to Ho Chi Minh City. I’m at three days on the road now, and with the long days on my own from earlier in the trip compounding into things, I’m definitely finding I like having more people surrounding me sooner.

Although I had a pretty relaxing time for the last two weeks in November, when it comes to the cycling, I’m definitely looking forward to my three weeks in Thailand and Indonesia over the New Year without my bicycle in sight!

Read about the full journey of cycling Vietnam here.

If you’re looking at doing this ride yourself, or just want to delve into the stats a little more, head on over to my Garmin Connect page.

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