Cycling Vietnam: Day Twenty-Eight

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Total Distance to Date: 1,802.55km
Total Time to Date: 101 hours, 57 minutes

I’ve done it – I’ve finished my latest little stint of riding and made it into Mũi Né. I’m sticking around here for the next few days to relax by the beach… Or maybe, if I can convince myself, I’ll tackle a few kitesurfing lessons!


Once I’m ready to set off again, I’ll be on the final run into HCMC. It’s about 200km if I head directly there along Highway 1 now. If it isn’t obvious though, I’m not the biggest fan of that stretch of road, so I might just take the long way around, along my much beloved coastline! If it’s anything like today was (view wise), it’d be worth the extra few k’s.

So here’s the stats* from day 28:

Distance: 77.91km
Riding Time: 4 hours, 18 minutes
Average Speed: 18.0 km/h
Average Temperature: 34°C


I expected a tough day today – almost 80km, a couple of hills around the 100m mark and wide open roads with the sun beating down on me. So I figured I better set out early.

It was just after 7 when I got started, riding through Liên Hương and a couple of other small towns along the coast where I truly was a sight to see. I’m not sure I’ve been so openly stared at quite so often on all this trip. I’d be surprised if no tourists have ventured through these places though. It’s a really beautiful area to ride through.

Saying that, today definitely wanted to throw a few obstacles my way. Aside from the distance, heat and those painful climbs, that is.

For instance, cows. I just kept on seeing them today, and they’re always huge and a little scary to ride past. You find these animals in the most bizarre of places, and they’re always just freely wandering around. None have ever responded to my mooing calls though… I should get Grandad to teach me to sound more like them!


Then there was that moment after I’d just finished climbing the first big hill, when my front tyre went and decided to ride over some thorn and get a puncture. By this point, it was beginning to feel a little like I’d entered a new country – a country a little more like Australia – where it just looked like I was surrounded by a desert! So it was insanely hot. Fortunately, my little flat tyre occurred near a section that had a nice sea breeze coming. And then a man just happened to be riding past and took over the pumping up of my now patched tyre, so I wasn’t complaining (too much).


Later down the road, I was held up again by a flat tyre, but this time it wasn’t mine. A man tried to use my little pump on his motorbike, without much success… Although I predict this will lead me into some trouble in the future. I tried to adjust the pump so it might work for him, and in pulling it apart, I neglected to note how it was initially put together. Basically, it’s not set up right now and I’m in a bit of a pickle if I get another flat tyre…

It wasn’t all bad news for me though. Today’s ride was all on the backroads and amazingly, this was a really good road! On top of that, there was almost noone else driving along it, so it was quite peaceful, with some pretty nice views too!


I’ll be heading back out the direction I’ve just come in the next few days. The sand dunes I was riding through are quite famous in the area, and I’m pretty keen to check them out properly. If I’m not distracted by kite surfing lessons anyway…

Read about the full journey of cycling Vietnam here.

If you’re looking at doing this ride yourself, or just want to delve into the stats a little more, head on over to my Garmin Connect page.

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