Cycling Vietnam: Day Twenty-One

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Total Distance to Date: 1,330.59km
Total Time to Date: 76 hours, 5 minutes

I put in a bit of a hard slog yesterday to get me as close to Quy Nhon as possible. If it wasn’t for the sun setting so early here in Vietnam, I probably would have gotten all the way into the city.

Given I didn’t make it into Quy Nhon though, I still had almost 40km to travel today. I took a little detour around the city and headed a little further down the coast to a nice little town with a hostel right on the beach.

The stats* from day 21:

Distance: 38.16km
Riding Time: 2 hours, 22 minutes
Average Speed: 16.0 km/h
Average Temperature: 22°C


In a way, today’s ride was a little like travelling along the Great Ocean Road (if you’re happy with a loose connection anyway). The road winds through some hills, but sticks to the coast for a lot of the way, meaning I had some pretty nice views for a while there.

Unfortunately, today turned out much like yesterday (especially the latter part of my ride) and so any views I did have were somewhat tainted with grey clouds and some pretty torrential rain…

It didn’t deter me though, as I continued as a sopping mess into my hostel for the next couple of nights. Things got so wet today I’ve had to leave my bags outside the room (which happens to have a pretty sweet view of the beach) just so they could dry! I was also covered in so much mud and sand again that I didn’t want to enter my dorm until I realised the door to the shower was at the back of the room…

Here’s hoping the weather clears up tomorrow so I can take advantage of this place – it looks stunning (even in the rain).

If the weather clears, I’ll be sure to post a picture and make you all a little (more) jealous! I might even stay a few nights to be sure I see it in good weather…

Read about the full journey of cycling Vietnam here.

If you’re looking at doing this ride yourself, or just want to delve into the stats a little more, head on over to my Garmin Connect page.

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*I use a Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer to track my journey – it’s a great little GPS and saves me when I’m lost (most of the time). This link to Amazon is an affiliate link, which means that if you click on it, I’ll receive a little something that helps me keep this blog going (with no impact on you). Thanks for helping to keep the adventure alive!