A Week in the Life Of… Week 26

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This week started with all sorts of adventures – from caves, to hiking, to luxurious sleep ins in less than luxurious guest houses – and then ended in a different country, recovering from the stomach bug Myanmar farewelled me with.

So rather than go into details about Myanmar’s goodbye present (it was a nasty one), let’s just look at what adventures I got to enjoy!

First up came a teeny tiny hike to see the sunset from the top of Mount Hpar Pu (although I’m not at all sure where the Mount part comes from given it’s probably only about 90 metres high). After the recent trekking in Inle Lake, this one definitely hurt the muscles, and made me wonder about the next little hike I was planning for later in the week.

That next hike was to the top of Mount Zwegabin. With more than 700m in elevation gain over just a couple of kilometres, this was definitely a tough one that had left my legs feeling a little like jelly. But it was definitely worth it for the view!

With the day’s break I had between the two hikes, I did a tour around the various caves and sights surrounding Hpa An. Each cave was covered in statues of Buddha, and some were big enough they reminded me a little of those I’d seen around Phong Nha in Vietnam.

Along with the caves, our tour went past a pretty impressive looking Monastery – Kyauk Ka Lat – which seems to sit precariously atop a rock.

Having covered the sights of Hpa An, and with my departure date from Myanmar looming, I took the iconic boat trip further south to Mawlamyine, seeing a little more of the beautiful countryside of the country, but mostly enjoying the people who waved as we drove by (the people are definitely my highlight from this country).

With just one day there, I ventured over to the strangely named Bilu Kyun (or Ogre Island). Aside from a lack of ogres, the little tour I had around the island was basically what I’d wanted from my Inle Lake boat trip. The island is well known as having many small industries of family run businesses from the making of rubber bands to the carving of wood. Stopping at a number of these family businesses throughout the day gave me a little more insight into local life (although it seemed a lot of them were eating lunch when I popped in).

The week ended quietly in Bangkok, taking a relaxing day off to make sure I was rid of the nasty stomach bug I got the day I left Myanmar.

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