A Week in the Life Of… Week 27

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Well, I haven’t moved far this week.

From a relaxing couple of days in Bangkok, I took an overnight bus down to Ranong (where the little bout of sickness I had last week surfaced again just as we pulled in along those winding roads). From there, I jumped on a speed boat, disembarking on a little island known as Koh Phayam, and spent the rest of the week wandering between my little bungalow and the beach. What bliss!

I even worked on the blog a little – did you see my new home page?

Although, it wasn’t all work, since the electricity was turned off every afternoon (it’s lucky enough I was getting it for 16 hours a day), so I got around the island a little. But mostly, I just wandered along the beach near my little home for the week, and tried to avoid destroying the mountains of sand the crabs had been building as their little fortresses.

I’ve moved just a little further south now, back to the mainland, to a place called Khao Lak. While I’ve got another week of beach lounging ahead of me (are you jealous yet?), after that I’ll be living on the water (or underneath it) as I enjoy myself on a dive liveaboard trip!

Here’s my favourite shots from this week:

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