Here’s the facts on me.

Australian | 27 (or occasionally 25) | Female | Accountant | Adventurer

Here I am. I’m Caitlin.


I’m an adventurer, and an occasional writer.

I get excited about spending a week hiking across the wilderness, diving 30 metres below the sea, climbing up the side of rock faces, or cycling long and windy roads.

I also get excessively excited about exploring the world through travel.

From late 2015, I realised something.

There were things I wanted to do in my life, and with adulthood looming, the likelihood of achieving my goals was falling. Around me my friends were getting engaged, married and then having children.

People were settling down.

I was feeling restless.

I decided all decisions should come down to one question:

“Will I regret it?”

Or in this case, will I regret not doing it?

So it was settled. I took a year off, and set off for some international adventures.

Since then, I’ve cycled across a country and spent months learning to be a Divemaster. I’ve pushed myself, and learnt a whole heap about myself in the process.

I’m no athlete. I’m writing because I want to remember these moments in my life, because my family worries if I don’t keep them updated, and because I want to show you how anyone can bring a little adventure into your lives.

If nothing else, I hope to inspire you to live your dreams too.

That first year off is nearly over now, but I’m still asking myself that important question.

With dreams still unfulfilled, I won’t be returning to a typical life just yet. The adventures will continue.

Follow along. Be inspired. Take your own adventures.

Otherwise contact me here.

United Kingdom