Aurora Australis

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It was 5am. My alarm was going off, and for once, I wasn’t pressing the snooze button.

That was a month ago.

In the middle of winter, you’ll rarely seeing me getting up this early.

But the night before, I’d gotten a very exciting message from my brother. He’d stumbled across some information that said that there was some serious Aurora action going on in the south, and there was a high chance that we could see the Aurora Australis as far north as Victoria.

I saw this, immediately dropped everything else I was doing, and got stuck into the research.

My calculations told me the best time to view was essentially going to be right through the normal sleeping hours…

To satisfy my huuuuuuuuge desire to see the Aurora, I chose the option that wouldn’t disturb my sleep too much – I planned to get up at 5am.

And boy was I rewarded for the effort!

With little real knowledge of the event out there, it seemed I was one of very few who got to see this phenomenon. It was magical!

And the day that followed was pretty insane too.

I shared one photo – my favourite – with the local ABC news site on Facebook. Things then spiralled way out of control, and I largely spent the day responding to questions online, chatting to various newspapers, and basically not doing any of my work (don’t tell my boss).

The result – my photos went worldwide! So exciting!

And here they are for you now! I hope you enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed seeing it last month.

If you want to get the info on when to see the Aurora in Australia, head on over to the Aurora Service website.

And if you’re keen to see my shots in the news, just check out the ABC, Daily Mail, Acclaim Mag and Mashable!

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