Batu Bolong – The Jewel of Komodo

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It’s the jewel of the ocean in Komodo National Park. Most people come here knowing they want to dive it, and I can’t imagine the site would ever disappoint.

It is, of course, Batu Bolong.

With just a small section showing it’s location above sea level – a “hollow rock” giving it it’s name – Batu Bolong sits along the Lintah Strait, with the Sumbu Sea to the south and the Flores Sea up north.

Batu Bolong

With such waters surrounding it, it’s no wonder it’s known as a more challenging dive. Currents sweep in from the north or south, and pose dangers to divers unaware of their strength. At any point in time, you’re limited to just one side of the rock, with the north providing the arguably better diving. It should be kept in mind, regardless of which side you dive, that with the currents pushing around the rock, it’s best to stay behind your guide and work your way back and forth across the lee side as you slowly ascend once again to the surface.

I dived this site on multiple occasions from mid-April to early-June, 2016.

Diver Level: Advanced Open Water +
Dive Depth: 70+ metres
Current: Strong (on both edges of the lee side)
Sea Life:
Temperature: 28 degrees

While it is generally catered towards the advanced divers, it’s also known as an epic spot for the keen snorkeler. The abundance of fish life and generally good visibility means that there’s plenty to see from the surface as well as metres below it.

For the diver, there’s all sorts of things to see. From the smallest nudibranchs and shrimps, to the larger turtles and sharks. You may even spot the occasional Napoleon Wrasse, if you’re not preoccupied with the many schools of fish surrounding you.

If you’re in Komodo National Park, this site is a must visit dive location. You won’t regret it.

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