Becoming a Celebrity in Myanmar

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As is only natural when getting into a new country, I became an instant celebrity…

Leila (a friend I first met in Vietnam) and I heard some loud music playing as we first entered the National Kandawgyi Gardens at Pyin Oo Lwin, and to our surprise found the sound coming from a magic show. More surprisingly, an older man then came over to us as we watched on, and spoke to us – in English – telling us what was happening. Somehow, in the next moment, Leila and I were being shepherded onto the stage area. We were to be part of the next set – a competition!

Amazingly, a large number of the Burmese can speak English, so we had plenty of people informing us of what we needed to do, while another speaker told the crowd of locals what the game was all about. Essentially, we had one bucket full of small ping pong balls, and a couple of metres away sat an empty one. I was to be handed one ball, which was placed on a spoon, held between my teeth, which I then had to pass on to Leila who also had a spoon. She then tipped it into the empty bucket.


Of course, Leila and I smashed it, annihilating the competition… Actually, we managed to draw. But before the count was over we’d expected a win for us!

This meant we got a free t-shirt, a free cap, and the love of all those who watched.

It also meant the rest of the afternoon was spent posing for a number of photos. It seemed no matter where we were around the gardens, everyone wanted a piece of our new found fame. I’m sure it’s because we did so well with the game, and has nothing to do with anything else…

Lucky for me, the Burmese love having their photos taken just as much as they love taking ours! So I got a few nice shots of the ladies with the typical thanaka on their faces.

With this being my first full day in Myanmar, this is definitely up there as the best introduction you could ask for – what fun!

Here’s a video of the “almost” win…

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