Cycling Vietnam: Day Thirty-One

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Total Distance to Date: 2,046.34km
Total Time to Date: 114 hours, 27 minutes

I rode on into Vietnam just before lunch time with a grin across my face – I’ve done it.


I started with this goal of riding across Vietnam, caring little of how long it would take me, just wanting to finish it and explore the country in the meantime. With a pretty questionable beginning with limited cycling before I headed out, I’d like to think I’ve done pretty well for myself. At least I’m proud of me (and my sister says she is too).

Arriving at the hostel where I’m keeping my stuff for the next week or so, I harassed the only other tourist I could find for a few photos. Unfortunately, he didn’t ask why he was taking shots of me standing with my bike, so I’m still waiting for the celebrations to really begin! I imagine my next week in Phu Quoc (without the need to be sensible and wake up early for riding), could see those celebrations really take off.

So here’s the stats* from day 31:

Distance: 67.19km
Riding Time: 3 hours, 18 minutes
Average Speed: 28.0 km/h
Average Temperature: 33°C


*I’d take the elevation profile with a grain of salt for today – I had a huge number of computer problems which had the thing freezing, and then beginning again around the -30m elevation mark (which I definitely wasn’t at). Saying that, the change (aside from that stunning drop to -30m) should be fairly accurate – just assume it’s closer to the 0m elevation mark.

There’s little to be said about the ride today. I’m proud I made it all the way in, and given the traffic I encountered, a little impressed I’ve come away unscathed! Then again, some might say I cheated a little with the tiny Cát Lái ferry taking me across one river, but I’m pretty sure it’s a typical route given the number of cars and bikes I saw waiting to get across!


Now that this big adventure is over, it’s time to start travelling like a normal person again. I’ll be getting the bike home, swapping the panniers for a backpack, and setting off for some smaller adventures for the next little while. I’m sure I’ll be scheming about another big one soon enough though.

Read about the full journey of cycling Vietnam here.

If you’re looking at doing this ride yourself, or just want to delve into the stats a little more, head on over to my Garmin Connect page.

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*I use a Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer to track my journey – it’s a great little GPS and saves me when I’m lost (most of the time). This link to Amazon is an affiliate link, which means that if you click on it, I’ll receive a little something that helps me keep this blog going (with no impact on you). Thanks for helping to keep the adventure alive!