Cycling Vietnam: Day Twenty-Nine

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Total Distance to Date: 1,878.95km
Total Time to Date: 106 hours, 10 minutes

You know those days. Those days where you finish your task and you just flop down on your bed because all your energy has gone, and you’ve just got nothing left. That was today for me.

It took me about an hour after getting into my hotel room before I could even summon the energy to jump into the shower. Although, I would note that I did have the energy to get excited about said shower when I realised it was SEPARATED from the bathroom by a glass door (just like at home) – what bliss that the bathroom floor wasn’t going to be soaked when I was done.

But back to my day.

I blame the heat for the exhaustion. I expected it, knowing Ho Chi Minh City is currently sitting in the mid- to high-30’s for the week, but it still hit me hard. That last hour or so of cycling really tired me out. It was enough to make me seriously look into getting the hydrofoil from Vung Tao tomorrow afternoon… But now that my energy is back, I’m planning to keep going all the way!

So here’s the stats* from day 29:

Distance: 76.40km
Riding Time: 4 hours, 13 minutes
Average Speed: 18.1 km/h
Average Temperature: 35°C


It was an off-the-beaten-path kinda day today. I ended up on some pretty average roads (silly GPS), but that’s all part of the adventure! While it was a bit of fun roaming around in the middle of nowhere (at least to start with), it definitely didn’t help me out given the heat of the day and lack of little roadside stalls where I could take a break…




Now that I know this heat is going to be causing me problems, I’m planning to head a little further with the ride tomorrow (I know this doesn’t make sense, but hear me out), so that I’ll then be just 60km shy of Ho Chi Minh City. So while tomorrow might be a killer, my final day of riding should be a little more pleasant!

Wish me luck!

Read about the full journey of cycling Vietnam here.

If you’re looking at doing this ride yourself, or just want to delve into the stats a little more, head on over to my Garmin Connect page.

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*I use a Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer to track my journey – it’s a great little GPS and saves me when I’m lost (most of the time). This link to Amazon is an affiliate link, which means that if you click on it, I’ll receive a little something that helps me keep this blog going (with no impact on you). Thanks for helping to keep the adventure alive!