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My first day in LA started as any holiday would – a discussion on what to do with my time.

I mentioned to Siyan that it would be nice to go by the Venice Boardwalk, see Muscle Beach, watch street performers… To my surprise, he added in getting a medical licence for marijuana. Did you know such a thing existed???

Needless to say, I did not.

As was explained to me, along the Venice Boardwalk are various places where you’ll find people standing outside doctors consultation rooms (almost like annoying advertisers) where you can get medical licences to smoke or even grow your own marijuana. It’s all legal in California with a medical licence!

$30 was what the sign said above the place I couldn’t help but go in to…

It started with one guy dressed in green ushering us into a small room to another guy who requested we fill out some forms and hand over some ID. Australian? No worries!!

Here’s a picture:

$30 medical marijuana licence

Hollyweed – The Doctors Office on the Venice Boardwalk

We filled out the forms. Siyan and I both had terrible difficulty sleeping, and yes, of course marijuana helps us…

I figured I was done. I’d managed to use my solid lying skills and got myself a medical license – what a laugh!

But no, that wasn’t it. We were ushered along the boardwalk by the first man in green – now on a skateboard – as he took us to see “the doctor”.

We were called in first, and surprisingly the doctor looked more like a doctor should (compared to the men in green). He had the grey hair, the stethoscope – all looked legit.

I had butterflies in my stomach thinking of how I now needed to lie to this man.

It was easy though. He checked out my form, asked if I had difficulty sleeping, questioned whether marijuana helped solve the problem (the assumption always was that we already used), listened to my “excellent heart and lungs” and with an “I approve you” it was over.

We sat and waited in the reception area then, before a group of four of us now medically licenced people headed off for the official certificate! Yes, we had to go to another location for this.

If it didn’t look shady before, knowing we had to go to multiple locations for one piece of paper that was filled out at the first, it definitely started looking dodgy as our green skateboard using guide took us down a back alley. It’s “faster” he said…

But no worries, we got to our destination, turning down the aptly named 4 20th Avenue…

4 20th Avenue

Hollyweed – 4 20th Avenue

In we went, and then the pricing structure REALLY became clear – $30 for a consultation, minimum $80 for a three month licence. I contemplated asking if I could just have my already completed and signed paperwork as a souvenir, but the guy in front of us looked so fearsome, and I mean, we were dealing with people who’s business it is to work with drugs… A three month licence it was!

So we paid the hidden fees, and back out to the boardwalk we went to a cheery congratulations and a card for two free gifts from this guy:

Daylight doesn't hide the drug business

Hollyweed – daylight doesn’t hide the drug business

With certificate in hand, we headed back to the car via the drummers circle on the beach. I’m pretty sure these guys have licences too…

Drummers Circle

Hollyweed – Drummers Circle

Drummers Circle

Hollyweed – Drummers Circle

Drummers Circle

Hollyweed – Drummers Circle

I couldn’t then finish the night without testing the licence out now could I?

Off to get our free gifts we went.

We rocked up at the California Healing Gardens and filled in the appropriate paperwork, agreeing that yes, we did indeed have a “serious medical condition”, while a steady stream of customers went through the mysterious door next to the reception lady. With a “G’day mate” upon seeing my licence, we went through the mystery door ourselves.

Inside was a glass cabinet full of the different varieties of things to purchase. I’m sure you can use your imagination on what it all looked like. Behind the three service people was a board that listed the varieties along with suggested “donations” for if you got a gram or an eighth.

Siyan purchased an eighth, satisfying my need to use our licences, and we walked away with our gifts – a choc chip cookie and a joint. We passed on the lollipop…

Using the New Licence

Hollyweed – Using the New Licence

Now I’m sure you’re all wondering where that purchase has gone. It’s currently sitting in Siyans boot as he plans to hand it over to a friend of his!

As if I’d actually use it… 😉

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