A Day in the Gardens at Pyin Oo Lwin

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I’d arrived into Myanmar the day before to a whirlwind of hot, humid air, signs covered in little squiggles that didn’t seem to be a language, and confusion because I was finally in a place that was new and different.

Then I went to the National Kandawgyi Gardens in Pyin Oo Lwin, and stepped into an the English countryside.

Or so it seemed.

The gardens were designed by the British way back 100 or so years ago, as a little beautiful escape from the heat (with Pyin Oo Lwin being cooler given it’s higher altitude). In stark contrast to everything else I’d see in Myanmar, the gardens have retained their original beauty, and continue to be a popular place for us tourists, and even more locals, to enjoy.

I’d arrived on Peasants Day – a national holiday for the Burmese. This meant the place was covered in local people, making for a fun and great start to my tour through the country. Even if half the fun came from becoming a celebrity for the day with literally hundreds of photos taken of me over the course of it (by the local people).

Wandering around made for the most relaxing of days following the insanely long journey of getting here from Melbourne. With beautiful plants, a butterfly museum, an aviary and pagodos covering the large grounds, this place had enough to keep me busy for a few hours while I waited a day for the train to Hsi Paw.

Here’s a few shots from around the place:

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