Bali Cooking Class

Learning the Art of Indonesian Cuisine

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It was an hour before we were due to be picked up. My friend Leila and I had booked in for a cooking class with the very popular Paon Bali Cooking School. We were relaxing by the pool, enjoying the cool that a dip in the water brings when the humidity is high and the sun is out. Then from across the way I hear a familiar “hello” and realise Gus (my diving buddy from Komodo) has turned up!

And as it turns out, he and his dad want to join us for the cooking sesh.

Paon Bali Cooking Class

With half an hour to go before pick up time, I gave them a call. I was thinking I’d really need to work on charming them to get the guys in at the last minute, but it wasn’t a problem.

That got me thinking, how good could this cooking class be when they could squeeze in two more people at the last minute? We were about to find out…

We were all picked up from the hostel – a little later than planned – and were driven to the outskirts of Ubud. With untamed forests lining the landscape on one side, and the iconic rice paddy fields on the other, we were delivered right onto the doorstep of the school.

Paon Bali Cooking Class

Greeted at the door by the family running the show, we were immediately handed the most refreshing, delicious drink to enjoy (I never got the name) while we waited for others to arrive and the action to really begin.

I’d expected something similar to the class I took in Vietnam, but was surprised with a different running of things.

The charismatic Wayan got the cooking show rolling by telling us about the food and getting us to enjoy the view. She then set us to work – as a group – on the various chopping, grinding and general preparations for the cooking.

Paon Bali Cooking Class

We were eventually split into smaller groups of four. With a member of the family watching over us, we were put to task over a hot saucepan.

We did a large amount of the cooking, with anything that might take a little longer taken over by the family. In the end, we made a total of nine dishes. I use that term loosely though, since one “dish” was the basic yellow sauce used in another “dish”.

Here’s the result of our (delicious) efforts:

  • Kuah Wong Sup Jamur (clear mushroom and vegetable soup)
  • Base Gede Bumbu Kuning (basic yellow sauce)
Paon Bali Cooking Class
Paon Bali Cooking Class
  • Be Siap Mesanten Kare Ayam (chicken in coconut curry)
  • Sate Siap Sate Lilit Ayam (minced chicken grilled on bamboo sticks)
Paon Bali Cooking Class
Paon Bali Cooking Class
  • Kacang Me Santok Gado Gado (vegetables in peanut sauce)
  • Jukut Urab (coconut and snake bean salad)
  • Pepesan Be Pasih Pepes Ikan (steamed fish in banana leaves)
Paon Bali Cooking Class
Paon Bali Cooking Class
  • Tempe Me Goreng Tempe Kering (deep fried tempe in sweet soy sauce)
  • Kolak Biu Kolak Pisang (boiled banana in palm sugar syrup)

Paon Bali Cooking Class

And the final opinion? Well worth it. The guys are still raving about it months later!

Do you guys love Indonesian food?

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