The Best Laneways for Street Art in Melbourne

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Melbourne has fascinated me for a long time with it’s mysterious bars, inviting laneways and amazing restaurants. You can wander the streets of this city and always find something interesting and quirky to enjoy.

One thing that I’ve wanted to do for the longest time was to make my own tour of Melbourne’s street art.

If you haven’t been to Melbourne before, you might be askingĀ “why would anyone want a tour of graffiti?”. You may even question the sanity of those who actually pay money for someone to take them on such a tour!

The reason behind this comes from an excellent decision from the city council that resulted in there being designated areas for street art – not tagging or bad graffiti, but genuine art that is interesting to look at.

While the end result may not be to everyone’s artistic preferences, I love the whole idea, and so I set about exploring the top places in the city on my own free tour.

Here are my favourite spots:

If you’re interested in your own free street art tour, just head to the locations linked in the map above.

If you find you’re short on time, the biggest and best art can be found on Rutledge Lane and Hosier Lane – you could spend hours here alone!

Degraves Street

Caledonian Lane

Rankins Lane

Union Lane

Finlay Street

Rutledge Lane

Hosier Lane

The art is constantly changing and I’d love to hear about / see any changes. Send my your snaps if anything new and exciting comes up!

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